Udhai Mazumdar

2010 March Concert tour in South Africa with Derek Gripper

2010 Apr - July Tour with Ahimsa Worldmusic in Europe and other concerts

2010 September workshops and concerts in Europe
Oct. NOv. Trilogy Tour in Europe

2009 May 10th: Concert in Radio Lugano with Lugano Symphony Orchestra

2009 May 11th: Concert at Birds Eye jazz Club - A tribute to Alex van Heerden

2009 May/June Concerts in Canada  & USA

2009 Oct. Nov. Geet Govind Ballet tour in Europe

2008 3rd till 7th April: Workshops and Concert - Lugano

2008 3rd May: Genoa, Italy with Kartik Seshadri / Sitar

2008 16th & 17th May: South Easter Project - Jazz

2008 22nd May till 15th June: Switzerland & Europe with Aditya Verma / Sarod

2008 July: Free Music on Earth - Massimo 
Mercelli / Flute (Indian/western Classical Project) 

2008 Aug.: Poland tour

2008  Aug.: USA Tour

2008 4th till 12th Sept.: Concerts and Workshops with Pt. Munna Shukla

2008 14th till 28th Sept.: Vietnam / Indonesia
Tabla solo Concerts / Workshops

2008 October: Film Music Project with Jogi Nestel / Germany

2008 October: Concert With Brazilian Jazz Group / Switzerland

2008 November: Monsoon Dance - Dance tour in Europe

2008 December: Geet Govinda shooting for Indian National Television, New Delhi

2003 13th Bageshwar, with Dr. Madhukar Anand

2003 25th Dehradun, with Dr. Madhukar Anand, Kathak

2003 31st New Delhi, with Sri Sarathi Chaterjee, Vocal

2003 Spicmacay Rajasthan Tour With Pt. Daya Shankar And Sons, Shehnai

20036th till 20th February: Spic-Macay: 
Alwar, Bhorugram, Lakshmangarh, Nimawat, Saradar Nagar, Hanumangarh, Suratgarh, Bikaner, Barmer, Jaisalmer, Nathdwara, Jodhpur, Chittorgarh, Kota.

 25th, Champaran, Bihar,

2003 March 3rd,  New Delhi, Jahan-E-Khusro Festival

2003 7th March, Allahabad, Prayag Sangeet Samiti Conference

2003 10th & 11th April,  Allahabad, Smiriti Festival

2002 Afro-Indian Project -Winterthur
2002 Radio Concert with Surmani Smt. Kamala Bose - Allahabad

19th April till 30th April 2002
Concert Tour with Kala Ramanath

24th and 26th May 2002
Pt. Hari Prasad Chaurasia - Bern & Zurich

25th May till 15th June 2002
Concert tour with Ustad Aashish Khan -Switzerland - Germany - Italy

21st & 30th June 2002
Tabla solo in Percussion Festival Germany

July Concerts 2002
USA & Canada with Aditya Verma

Mid till End August 2002
Tour in Europe with Aditya verma

1st till 15th September 2002
With Kala Ramanath

16th till end September 2002
Tour in Europe with Pt. Daya Shankar

October 2002
Tour in USA with Kala Ramanath

November 2002
Tour in Europe with Pt. Veshwa Mohan Bhatt

January 30, 1999
Chandigarh, India:  Barun Km Pal/Guitar

February 7, 1999: New Delhi, India
At:Shadaj Association

February 15, 16, 1999
Bhadohi (Near Varanasi), India
At: Surya Mandir Festival
Playing with:S.Kamala/Guitar

February 25, 1999: Kanpur, India
At: Kanpur University with:

Purbayan Chaterjee/Sitar, Suman Ghosh/Vocal

April 5, 1999: Habitat Center: with:

Surmani Smt. Kamala Bose/Vocal

April 25, 1999: Kent, USA
with: Hasu Patel/Sitar

May 14, 16, 1999
Minneapolis, USA
At: College of St Catherine
Playing with:Ragamala Music and Dance Theater also Co-composing music for the ballet

June 12, 1999: Bonn, Germany
At: International Award for Film and Mediamusic

June 27, 1999: Rome, Italy
At: Festival Villa Ada

July 7, 1999: Milan, Italy
At: Sneh Sadan

July 11, 1999: Stuttgart, Germany
At: Rotebuhl-saal: White Diamonds/Jazz Group

August 21, 1999: Morro d'Alba, Italy
At: Festival "Incolors"

September 2, 1999: Zurich, Switzerland
At: Helferei Grossmunster, Zurich

September 11, 1999:Pelestrina, (Rome), Italy
At: Teatro dea della Fortuna

October 16, 1999: Cologne, Germany
At: Rautenstrauch-Joest Museum

October 23, 1999: Bern, Switzerland
At: Mahagony Hall, Prisma Chalice

October 24, 1999: St.Gallen, Switzerland
At: Museum for Volkerkunde

October 27,1999: Basel, Switzerland
At: Museum of culture

October 28-29-30, 1999: Basel, Switzerland
At:Museum of culture
Three days workshop with Udhai Mazumdar

November 28 till December 14 1999: USA
Concert tour

  • Tabla Solo1:25


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